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Storeys and Tails



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Introducing our scrumptious Dogrritos, featuring grated mature Cheddar cheese and maize meal - a treat that will have your dog saying 'Cheese' for more!

Product Details:

  • Quantity: Each pack contains 100g of Dogrritos.
  • Complementary Pet Food: These treats are thoughtfully crafted for adult dogs, offering a delightful savory addition to their diet.
  • Handmade in Devon: Our Dogrritos are meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Devon, reflecting our dedication to quality.
  • Best Before Date: Enjoy these treats within 5-6 months from the day they are sealed in their bag. Each Dogrrito is an equilateral triangle, with each side measuring just over 2cm.


  • Wholemeal flour
  • Plain flour
  • Maize meal
  • Mature Cheddar Cheese
  • Vegetable oil

Key Features:

  • Cheese Craving Delight: These treats are a cheese-lover's dream, featuring the rich flavor of mature Cheddar cheese.
  • Nutritional Profile: Analytical constituents include Crude Protein (12%), Crude Fat (7%), Crude Fiber (1%), and Incinerated Residue (1%). These treats are free from additives, ensuring their natural goodness.

Satisfy your dog's cheese craving with our Dogrritos - the perfect savory triangles to add joy to their day. Order a pack today and watch your dog 'say Cheese' for more!

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