About us

Crafting Elegance, One Pet Accessory at a Time

At Storeys and Tails, we've dedicated the last 13 years to perfecting the art of crafting high-quality, distinctive leather pet accessories. Our expertise lies in creating exquisite dog collars that set the standard for premium leather pet products, radiating character and style.

Our journey began when our founder, Natasha, recognized a void in the market. We saw a need for collars that not only exemplified exceptional quality but also mirrored the unique personalities of our beloved pets. Driven by this vision, Natasha began designing pet accessories for her own dogs, which gradually blossomed into a family-run business.

As Storeys and Tails continues to flourish and evolve, we remain steadfast in our commitment to timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. Each collar and accessory we craft is a testament to the art of leatherworking and our deep affection for our four-legged companions.

Starting from humble beginnings, Storeys and Tails has persistently focused on handcrafting pet accessories. Our quaint studio, nestled in the heart of Devon, serves as the birthplace of every meticulously handmade piece. Alongside her husband, Alex, Natasha infuses her heart and soul into each creation.

Natasha's extensive experience in the leather industry, cultivated during her early career handcrafting leather goods for renowned UK-based fashion businesses, has empowered Storeys and Tails to elevate our products to the highest standards. With an innate understanding of the needs and desires of pet lovers, we painstakingly handcraft our collars and leads to ensure they blend durability with unrivaled style.

We cordially invite you to explore our collection, where you'll discover the perfect piece to elevate your pet's style and create cherished memories together. At Storeys and Tails, we believe that every pet deserves an accessory that reflects their unique charm and elegance. Thank you for considering us as a part of your pet's journey.