About us

The creation of Storeys and Tails

 I'm Natasha, the maker, creator and general dogs body of Storeys and Tails 

(no pun intended)!


I have been making leather goods for the last 13 years and making dog collars started with my own frustrations at not being able to get good quality but fun dog collars for our dogs. 

I personally sourced and designed all of my accessories and started to hand make them in my little studio in Devon, where I live with my lovely family raising two girls and one cheeky cocker spaniel!


I started my career in the leather industry and hand making leather goods and have worked in some of the biggest fashion businesses in the UK which gives me a great understanding of how to create great quality products. Being a dog lover too I also have a good understanding of what dog owners want, so I have designed and made a range of beautiful products perfect for your canine companion. Most of our products are handmade by me which means we can be flexible and create dog accessories that work best for you and that are stylish.

My unique set up means I can react quickly to customers needs and provided that 1 to 1 connection that is lacking in much larger companies.


 I hope you love Storeys and Tails as much as I do!