Recycle and reuse

All our products are made to last but you never know what can happen, dogs chew through things, a toddler takes a biro to Fido's nice new collar ( we have had this happen), puppies grow out of their collars, as well as natural wear and tear.
So we thought it seems a shame for collars to go to waste when the solid brass hardware can be re purposed again and keep those precious materials going on rather than going to waste. 
So we decided to start our recycle and reuse program! 
How does it work?
  • purchase one of the options below which you would like to recycle/resuse, you will save 30% on full price items 
  • we will send you a form to complete once you have purchased to let us know what you will be sending to us and the specifics of what you would like to change it to 
  • Return the form with your goods to the address provided (postage is not included and we suggest getting proof of postage)  
  • once we receive it we will review and repurpose your hardware on your order (you can order other items but the 30% will only apply to the items you are swapping)
  • then we will post back or organise collection on local orders 
Where possible we will try to polish up and oil hardware so that it is in better condition but please note it will not be possible to get to its original condition. 
This service is also available for collection and
drop off to local customers  
Please contact us if you have any questions via our chat feature or at