• Dog treat box


    For the first time ever Storeys and Tails have launched a wonderful gift box for your paw some pals which is made of wonderful locally sourced products. Each box can be tailor made to suit your furry companion perfectly. Let's see what's inside!

    Storeys and Tails
    Your choice of our amazingly versatile All Weather range collars. These come in a beautiful array of colours to make your dog look fabulous but have also been specifically designed for those mucky pups who just love getting all sorts of filthy! Each item in the range is made from biothane which is water resistant, wipeable, very strong and durable. 

    Each piece is hand made my myself in Devon so if you have any specific requirements then just let me know as I can always try to do this for you. (See specifications at the end). 

    You can also add a lead to your box for just £15 (normal lead cost is £20) to make your gift box extra special!

    Hogwash Dog wash 
    Handmade in Torrington, Devon, this gorgeous soap is perfect for leaving your pup fresh and feeling fab at bath time! All the soaps are made with no nasties and come in two lovely options.

    Lavender and orange soap is gentle, antibacterial, calming, deodorising and repels fleas!

    Natural unscented soap is a pure and natural soap made of shea butter and olive oil so perfect for the more sensitive doggies out there.

    Please see specification at the end for more details on ingredients etc.

    The WellGood Dog Co
    This scrummy company is based in the same town as me and sells the most divine homemade biscuits for your pooch. We have yummy options for every doggies taste.

    Cheesy bones are an absolute best seller and are sure to leave your pooch drooling for more.

    Fishy Bites are an irresistible blend of sardine goodness, these are my dogs favorite!

    and lastly, Bone Appetite are the lovely grain free biscuit which have a delicious emmental cheese baked in.

    Please see specification details below. 

    Storeys and Tails

    • Biothane webbing is strong, durable and easy to clean and they don't hold onto any pongy dog smells!
    • Polished brass hardware
    • Matching accessories available
    • Handmade in England
    • Logo emboss

    Size & Fit
    Xsmall, 21cm-27cm, would suit toy breeds such as Yorkshire terriers or Chihuahua
    Small, 25-32cm, would suit dogs like Jack Russell, Terriers, King Charles Spaniel 
    Medium, 32-39cm, would suit dogs like Springer spaniel, Staffordshire bull terriers
    Large, 39-46cm, would suit Labradors, Dalmatian, Pointer 
    X-Large, 46-53cm, would suit German Shepard, Bull mastiff, Rottweiler 
    All our collars in this range come in a 2cm width
    If your dog’s neck measurement is within 1-2cm of the minimum or maximum range for a collar size please message us and we’ll help you select the most appropriate size for your dog.

    Hogwash Dog wash 

    Lavender and Orange soap for dogs 
    Ingredients: Sodium olivate: aqua; sodium cocoate;sodium shea butterate: Glcerine; (lavender oil) lavendula angustifolia; (orange oil) Citrus s Sinsenisus, Limonene; linalool; citral; citronella: hydroxycitronellal; germinal; d - citrus grands seed extract. 
    Natural unscented soap for dogs
    Ingredients: sodium olivate: aqua: sodium cocotte: sodium shea butterate; glycerine: citrus grandis seed extract 

    The WellGood Dog Co

    Cheesy Bones Hand made dog treats
    Composition: Organic wholemeal flour, cheddar cheese, sunflower oil, dried rosemary, basil and thyme 
    Analytical constituents per 100g:
    crude protein: 14.10g, Crude fibre: 1.3g, fat: 14.10g, crude ash: 1.90g 
    Fishy Bites Hand made dog treats
    Composition: Organic wholemeal flour, sardines in sunflower oil, free range eggs, ground turmeric and black pepper
    Analytical constituents per 100g:
    crude protein: 19.20g, Crude fibre: 1.0g, fat: 11.50g, crude ash: 1.90g 
    Bone appetite Hand made dog treats
    Composition: Organic gluten free buckwheat flour, emmental cheese, olive oil and sesame seeds
    Analytical constituents per 100g:
    crude protein: 18g, Crude fibre: 1.4g, fat: 17.20g, crude ash: 2.30g 
    Store in cool dry place
    Complementary pet food for dogs
    Serve as treat DON NOT OVERFEED 
    Ensure plenty of drinking water is available