Care of leather

Please note that vegetable tanned leather has an open structure and will change color when exposed to sunlight. Heavy rain showers may create spots on the leather.

It’s important to treat full grain leather with leather conditioner every now and then. Especially living in a warm or humid environment. Leather moisturizer will avoid the leather from drying out and will keep the skin supple.

My advice is to use your products to the fullest every day. I believe that markings created by the sun, rain, dirt, grease and natural wear make your item a unique and personal item. If treated with care your product will age beautifully.

The care of dog collars & leads

Keeping your leather dog collar in the best condition is easy if you clean it every now and then. Our leather products are made of the beautiful leathers and with a little care they can last a lifetime.

To keep your leather dog collar at its best I recommend the following:

  • Gently clean with a soft cloth and clean with a leather cleaning product. Afterwards always apply a caring balm or grease.
  • If the collar becomes muddy, then clean with a damp soft cloth and allow to dry naturally, stay away from direct heat.
  • Remove the collar if your dog is playing rough, swimming or scratching excessively.
  • My advise is to not let your dog wear the collar when swimming in the sea. If your dog collar has been in the sea rinse it with tap water and let it dry naturally. Treating it with a caring balm/grease afterwards is always a good idea.

The care of dog collar & lead hardware

All my hardware is made from brass and can be polish with a brass cleaning solution, please be cautious not to get this on the leather as it will mark, you can remove any marks with the leather cleaning products mentioned above. 

The care of all weather collars and leads

This range is made from Biothane which is very durable and works well in all environments. 

To keep your All weather dog collar at its best I recommend the following:

  • To remove any dirt or marks wash with washing up liquid in warm water. The product can withstand scrubbing but do so on a small area on the reverse of the collar first to ensure your scrubber isn't too abrasive. 

Please note that although the following is a guideline leather is a very organic and natural material and due to the nature of leather each hide can vary slightly.