What collar should my dog wear?

Choosing the perfect collar can sometimes be confusing, with so many different choices out there what is the best collar for your dog? 

In this easy guide we have gone through all the options to try and help you find the perfect fit for you furry friend!

But first! You should always measure your dogs neck. I get asked a lot by customers how they should do this and have been sent many photos of collars being measured...but they best way to measure your dogs neck is with a tape measure. Pop the tape around your dogs neck and position it where your pups collar would naturally sit. Allow for some ease, if your collar is too tight it could damage your dogs neck and hair, too loose and your dog could slip its collar. Allowing for two fingers under the collar is always a good amount of ease to go for.   Done that? Perfect... now lets see your options!

 Leather dog collars

Not only do they look premium but they are a great option for your canines neckwear. Leather is great for dogs that are on the sensitive side as leather is a more natural product. Some people think you can't get leather collars wet but thats not an issue as long as you treat the collar with a bit of care. Allow leather to dry naturally rather than in forced heat.. that means no hanging on the radiator! And occasionally use some dubbing or leather feed to put a bit of moisture back in your collar. Doing this will make your collar last a lifetime! Our leather collars come with solid brass hardware too which is great as the material is strong, durable and easy to maintain with a bit of brass polish. A leather collar is only as good as its hardware so check you are getting something that ticks both boxes. Lastly leather can often be personalised with names and numbers, this is a great option if your dog like to do a Houdini on you or if your dog often loses a metal tag. 

Biothane dog collars

How many times have we watched our dogs run head first into a bog or watched on as they rolled in the dreaded fox poop!? Well if that sounds like your dog, biothane is the collar for you. It's unique structure means its amazingly durable and can handle very wet and mucky conditions, once your dogs gets filthy you can pop the collar is some warm water and scrub the muck away! It easily dries so no waiting around for a dry collar before your dog pops it on again. The material has an internal woven core which makes it super strong, the material itself was created for the equestrian industry so it can hold a HORSE! Plus no lingering smells as its odour resistant! What's not to love! 



 Nylon and neoprene collars

These collars tend to be ideal first collars. They are lightweight, flexible and usually can come in lots of fun colours and prints. They usually benefit from a side release buckle which makes them quick and simple to put on. This is great if your dog can be nervous and doesn't like too much fuss going on around their neck. The material itself dries quickly and can be washed if needed.. top tip is to use a bit of dettol anti bac wash to ensure odours stay at bay


 photo of sight hound collars

Sight hound collars

Lastly we have the classic Sight hound collars. These collars are made for...you guessed it Sight hound breeds traditionally, however they are becoming even more popular with other breeds that struggle with pulling or slipping their collars. Their oval shape makes it the perfect support for long neck breeds and they look blooming lovely on too! As I mentioned before they can help stop dog slipping their collar too. Definitely not a collar for a small short neck breed though! 

Not a collar

So its worth mentioning that not all dogs can wear collars, short nose breeds such as pugs can not wear collars as it will effect their already compromised breathing. That's why harnesses are great. You want something that offers support but it also strong. Harnesses shouldn't restrict leg movement as this can cause other problems 


Well I hope this guide gives you an idea of what collar is best for you, of course there are still more options out there but I hope this helps you somewhat on your search. 

and if this has left you more confused than before maybe drop us a message and we can always try to get you sorted... after all every dog is unique and that's why we love them! 


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